What is Accent Prime?

Accent Prime is a total body contouring, skin renewal system. It’s safe for all skin types and can be individualized to treat each patient’s problem areas. Its benefits include face and body contouring, fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage and skin rejuvenation.

Accent Prime uses radiofrequency energies that are harnessed for gradual and targeted heating deep in the dermis layer. The energy levels are customizable and can be focused on specific issues and custom treatments. The second component of the system is the ultrasound technology that penetrates deeply into the tissues to disrupt and destroy fat cells, reducing fat deposits.

Accent Prime can treat both the face and body thanks to the combination of two technologies. The Accent Prime uses Radiofrequency (or RF), which uses waves with the highest and safest power and ultrasonic impulses. This enables body contouring by using ultrasonic technology to melt fat while utilizing radio-frequency thermal tightening of the skin. The result of this combination makes it possible to sculpt the body in areas that have previously been complicated to treat, for example, around the abdomen, knees, and arms. This dual technology creates an unbeatable combination and results that are safe and effective with zero downtime. However, maintenance is necessary after the initial treatment series is completed to maintain skin elasticity.

How Does Accent Prime Work?

Accent Prime is the most advanced body contouring and skin tightening system in the world. It is set apart by the dual capabilities of radiofrequency and ultrasound heating. The system features Alma’s patented Unipolar technology.

This Unipolar technology delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy deep into the dermal layer of the skin where it not only tightens existing collagen, but also stimulates the production of new collagen.  Over a relatively short period of time, RF treatments will tighten loose or wrinkled skin giving it a smoother, younger appearance.

Accent Prime features a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse Ultrasound wave technology. These ultrasound waves, called Shear waves, are emitted by the treatment head resulting in acoustic pressure. This pressure breaks down the fat cell membranes destroying the cell. The cells are then naturally removed from the body through the lymphatic system in the weeks following treatment.

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